Let's face it - Matching a job opening to the right talent can be a frustrating experience from either side of the interview desk. So many questions to answer and so many candidates to choose from: Should we use job boards such as Monster or Careerbuilder? Would running an online ad be worth the cost or would it just attract unsuitable candidates? Can we find what we're looking for on social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook? Now that we've received countless resumes, how do we identify the best candidates to interview? Are we better off using an outside recruiter? Can we afford one?

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Your Search for the Right Recruiting Partner

You understand the importance of hiring decisions, but also have a business to run. Because you don't have time to manage the logistics of a search, you understand that engaging professionals to handle this crucial process makes sense. But at the same time, you don't want to spend unnecessary money or deal with search firms that miss the mark because they send you too many candidates to consider, present candidates who don't fit the job requirements, and inundate you with quantity rather than quality.

How We're Different

SynergyHire is the most cost-effective, efficient recruiting solution available on the market. Our mission from day one has been to deliver the best talent on the market, at the best prices while reducing the number of face-to-face interviews needed by our customers to make a hire. Our unique approach to matching the right candidates to the right job has been enhanced through our innovative phone screen web service which allows you to actually listen to, and pre-qualify candidates before investing your valuable time with face-to-face interviews. This usually results in 50-70% fewer face-to-face interviews!

Other benefits include:

  • Access to top candidates not actively seeking positions through traditional methods
  • Fewer, more highly qualified candidates to interview
  • Insights to help you consider exceptional candidates who may not fit the mold
  • Reduction of costly hiring mistakes
  • Improved morale and productivity in your organization

So what's the bottom line to you? Top-talented candidates and fewer interviews. Also, we're able to pass along considerable savings to you! As your exclusive staffing partner, our fee is 9.5% of first year salary, a fraction of the 20%-33% employment fee you pay with traditional contingency or retained firms. For contract and contract-to-hire staffing needs, we pass along the same savings to our customers by way of fair and reasonable bill rates - on average compared to our competition, we're saving SynergyHire customers $5,000-$10,000 per contractor every 6 months!

We want to be your partner to meet the challenges of a constantly changing business landscape to ensure that your company has the people who will make the difference in your company's success. Please contact us today.

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